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by admin on 02/19/18

Photo Credit: On Pexels. CC0 License.

Photo Credit: On PexelsCC0 License.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, we often associate kitchen remodeling with homeowners. This is because as a homeowner, you have the right to decide whether or not you want your kitchen to be remodeled. If you are a tenant, otherwise known as an apartment renter, you may not have this same freedom; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get your wish.

If you are renting an apartment and you would like to have your kitchen remodeled, you will need to speak to your landlord. Since it would likely be your landlord’s responsibility to pay for the remodeling, you will need to have a good reason as to why you are requesting that your kitchen be remodeled. Chances are that not liking the way that it looks will not be a good enough reason. One reason that may be good enough is if your kitchen is in poor shape. For instance, if your cupboard doors are not working, if the lights are not as bright as they should be, or if your kitchen floor has broken tiles, your landlord may be more willing to do a little bit of remodeling. While the remodeling may not be a huge project, it just may be enough to get you what you wanted.

As previously mentioned, your landlord will likely be the one who will pay for the kitchen remodeling, if it does occur, at least, he or she should be the one who pays for it. In fact, you are advised against paying for any kitchen remodeling yourself. The only exception may be if you are involved in a rent to own contract, but, otherwise, just say no. Unfortunately, you may find that no isn’t always enough. There are a number of landlords out there who will try and take advantage of their tenants, by making them pay for their own repairs or remodeling. Since you do not own the apartment that you are renting, you will not want to pay for the repairs yourself. There is no good in letting your landlord benefit from your hard work and hard earned money.

Although you are advised not to pay for the kitchen repairs or remodeling yourself, you may want to do them; however, you shouldn’t have to do them for free. If you have some home improvement experience, it may be a good idea to suggest to your landlord that you do the repairs, for a small fee. In fact, you may even want to ask your landlord to deduct the money from your rent. Of course, you will want your landlord to buy all of the supplies and tools that are needed for kitchen remodeling, but you could all benefit from you doing the repairs yourself. You should get a deduction in rent and your landlord should be able to save him or herself some money.

If you would like to have your apartment or rented home’s kitchen remodeled, you should ask. The worst that could happen is that your landlord would say no. However, with the possibility of an increased building value and discounted labor, if you do the remodeling yourself, there is a good chance that your landlord may okay a kitchen remodeling project. Even if you do not plan on spending the rest of your life in that apartment, you could easily enjoy your newly remodeled kitchen for as long as it lasts.

Bathroom Remodeling for New and Old Homeowners

by admin on 02/16/18

Bathroom remodeling is often a popular home improvement project for both new and old homeowners

Bathroom remodeling is also a homeowner's vision or nightmare, depending on the quantity of escapade possesses. A lot of things are well thought-out in the bathroom remodeling procedure.

One of the primary areas to consider is whether the whole bathroom wants to be stripped out and totally replaced or if merely parts of it require to be altered. If it is broad enough to need an entire remodel, take advantage of the chance to update trimmings and furniture.

Bathroom remodeling is sometimes an unexpected event due to damage from a water drip or a number of other kind of damage. Except you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, in addition to interior decorator, you will require the assist of a skilled expert to complete the work.

The bathtub is the main thought in bathroom remodeling. If your bathroom is big enough, you might want to consider a calming whirlpool tub. Each bathroom needs abundance of storage space intended for towels and other supplies.

It is simple to come across recommendations online. Do not hire just anybody off the street to do the job. Confirm they are licensed to do the work and that they are in excellent standing with the licensing bureau. Be certain to get each detail in writing previous to signing any agreement for your bathroom remodeling.

Kitchen Countertop Materials

by admin on 02/09/18

Photo by Kyle Head on UnsplashLicense.

I was helping my daughter having her kitchen remodelled recently. She was having problems trying to decide on a new countertop material. Walking through the counters area in Home Depot gave her a few ideas, but she was still undecided when the time came to choose a month later. I decided to write out a quick comparison of all the materials and costs for her and when I was done I thought other people might find it useful as well, so here goes.

Laminate countertops

Most people are familiar with laminate countertops. (Formica is one brand name). They’re a thin surface of high-pressure laminate applied to a thicker base of plywood or particleboard.

Pluses: The standby, available in literally hundreds of patterns and colors, laminates are the least expensive (next to tile) and durable, requiring less upkeep than tile.

Minuses: Easy to scorch with hot cookware, the use of layers in their construction makes it tricky to repair chips, show scratches, especially lighter colors, so not usable as a cutting surface. Less durable than natural stone or solid surface; use with under mount sinks is not recommended. Cost: $25 to $50 foot.

Solid surfacing

(Brand names Corian, Fountainhead, Avonite and Surrell), a newer countertop material, is durable and mimics the appearance of natural stone materials like marble or granite.

Pluses: Gives seamless surfaces, easy to care for. High impact resistance, easily repaired, nonporous and seamless, so won't trap dirt, collect bacteria or stain; easily.

Minuses: May melt from hot pot; looks non-natural in some color schemes, licensed contractor required for installation and repair work. Cost: $60 to $110 per foot.

Natural woods

Used in butcher-block style arrangement. Maple, oak and other hardwoods, make durable and elegant countertops.

Pluses: Good surface for cutting foods; scratches easily repaired by sanding; easy match with wood cabinets and floors.

Minuses: Requires a finish to preserve appearance, may scorch with hot cookware, allows bacterial growth, so needs regular cleaning. Not practical for entire countertop – good for small sections. Cost: $50 to $75 per foot


Popular for their elegant and rich look, natural stone countertops will last longer than most kitchens.

Pluses: Adds to value of home, hard durable surface, very heat resistant.

Minuses: very expensive, requires care since it is porous and must be sealed periodically, grease will stain. Cost: 60 to $200 per foot for granite $60 to $130 per foot for marble (stains easily and not recommended for food prep countertop)

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile: This is the countertop material my daughter was replacing. While the counters were in pretty bad shape, refurbishing was an option. Tile has a comforting, classic look and is inexpensive.

Pluses: Easy to clean up after a mess. More heat resistant than laminates solid surfaces, inexpensive, unless you are thinking about custom or hand-painted tiles.

Minuses: Can chip and crack easily; needs regular maintenance to keep bacteria out of grout. Scrubbing grout. Cost: $10 to $25 per foot.

So, what countertop material did she choose in the end? For its reasonable cost and reparability, Corian got the nod for the new kitchen. We found a color that was very close to a granite look and we also liked the ten year warranty.

Bathroom Renovations

by admin on 02/04/18

Written by: Shelley Murphy 
Bathroom, Sinks, Mirrors, Medicine Cabinet

Photo Credit:On FoterCC0 License

Several unwanted challenges arise when old-style bathrooms are upgraded from the old pipes that lead to the shower cabin, bathroom or sink to the water-damaged floor. You never know what you'll find once you start dissecting the bathroom. When you lift that old ceramic or vinyl floor, do not be surprised at what might be hidden beneath the surface. I recently completed a home renovation tour with a local home contracting company, because I would soon address the renovations of my own bathroom and wanted to make sure nothing was left to chance, since I would do most of the work myself.


By focusing on the bathroom renovation project, I realized what I saw and quickly realized, if initially the work is not done correctly, it will really spend more money on the repair process. As the ceramic tiles were not properly placed, the water suffered severe damage over time and needed a desperate replenishment, the mortar did not spread evenly over the floorboards, which resulted in rotten plywood and finally had to start from scratch . If you are not a professional and need advice on proper installation techniques, local hardware stores often have weekend classes in a number of different home renovation projects. From the installation of new shower cabins, bathroom panels or shower cabins, everything you need to know for your bathroom renovation project. Investing some hours of your time to do it right the first time will pay off in the long term or if you are looking to hire an expert, before doing so, thoroughly research the hiring projects in the past and obtain references from various sources.


Hire a bathroom contractor to do your renovations


If you have friends or relatives who have done some work with a contractor at home, go out and have a look at the workforce. I had the opportunity to visit an older house that was completely renovated, where the contractor took over the large company to start and install new bathroom furniture, a new bathroom and new ceramic floors.

The quaint bathroom looked like it belonged to the cover of Better Homes and Gardens, the well-finished bathroom includes a beautiful corner bathroom for space conservation, a traditional fixed rain shower head, bathroom storage cabinets mounted on the Wall, new bathroom vanity and color ground ceramic tile floor. When the bathroom was completed, it was a professional design that provided a quiet space that included subtle variations of wall colors, carpentry and bathroom cabinets, all of which visually enhanced the look of the bathroom and gave the appearance of space. It is highly recommended if you have the opportunity to see first-hand the previous work of a home renovation company, as I did in the case of Contracting, this will help in the selection process based on the prices and quality of the job.


Sign a contract with your bathroom design firm


Before closing the session with your contractor, scrutinize your work under a magnifying glass, look for the smallest cracks and crevices in the ceramic tiles, examine the grouting, the caulking around the bathtub, the showers, the sinks and any cabinet along with the imperfections of the walls. Remember that once the contractor disappears from the workplace, it can be difficult to take them back home to make repairs. It is also vital to draft a binding contract between the owner and the company you are considering to hire for your bathroom renovation project and do not sign any dotted lines until you are completely satisfied with their work ethic and policies. You want to make sure that the company you hire returns to the workplace to make the necessary repairs in case something goes wrong with the bathroom installation, from the pipeline to the floor, since protecting the consumer will protect your investment.

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Kitchen remodeling and design ideas

by admin on 01/28/18

Photo Credit: On PexelsCC0 License

 The kitchen is the one room where members of a family can be found eating, working, talking on the phone or just hanging out with friends. The kitchen has always been the nerve center of the family, and never has the kitchen remodeling more important than it is today.

 As the centerpiece of the home, there are some interesting alternatives for kitchen that go further than the normal. This kitchen guide contains an assortment of kitchen remodeling home options on hand to homeowners as well as recommendation.

 Develop safe work practice and stick to them. If you become puzzled, aggravated or in too much of a rush, odds are greater that mistakes that will be made. Read and follow the exact safety rules of every tool and material you will be using. Unplug tools when changing blades.

 Wear heavy soled boots on any construction site; rubber soles when working on the roof; gloves while handling lumber; and protective eyewear whenever power tools are in operation. Wear ear protection when using power tools as some operate at levels that can damage hearing. Tie long hair back so as not to catch it by chance in power tools.

 Select the suitable tool for the kitchen remodeling job, and keep all tools sharp and in good working state. If an object is too heavy or, get help in moving it; bend from the knees when picking up big and heavy objects. Hard hats are suggested when working under or around overhead construction.

 After the demolition phase, there is usually some preliminary work to be done before you can do your kitchen remodeling. If wide structural, electrical, plumbing, drywall or paneling work is included in your plans, it should take place at this time.

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